Christmas Celebrations Missions Update

Christmas Celebrations at Maetang Children’s School and Bann Jaidee Children’s that we provided the funds for:

In Maetang we had a worship service with lots of music, a message, and prayer.  After the service we had a big lunch of pizza, chicken, papaya salad, cake, and more.  Then we played several games.  After that, everyone drew a number out of a hat and as the numbers were called they got the present with that number.  All the presents were useful things like blankets, pots & pans, etc.    Everything you see, food, presents, decorations, etc. was made possible by your donation!

Campbell-White Our Links Family Leading worship:

At Baan Jaidee  Children’s Center they used SuperBook to tell the story of Christmas, played games, made crafts, ate food, and gave out presents.  Duan does a Bible study with the kids in the village every week using SuperBook so this was a great way to invite more kids to join the regular study!